NetEnt online casino platforms and slot games have been around for almost 20 years. In this time they have supplied numerous online casinos and their happy players with online casino entertainment. This Swedish company strives for equal and fair game conditions for all the players using their operators' software. (To see where to enjoy NetEnt slot games, click on ). How can they ensure this statement is true across so many operators using their software?


Games hosted in Malta

NetEnt slot games are hosted on NetEnt's own servers and the online casino site acts as a front end for the games.The casinos themselves have no access to the workings of the slot games so they cannot change the payout percentage or change the behaviour of the slot to suit a specific player. All that the casino has to do is to manage the money flow of depositing and withdrawing and to create bonus offers. See for info on bonuses.

How can slot games pay out? When you are playing on a NetEnt slot you in essence partake in a lottery. The organiser of the lottery takes between 1.5% and 10% of the prize amount. You can see the payout percentages on the right on the page. All players playing on a slot game are added up and then any winnings are deducted and the rest of the money is distributed to the players in the form of winnings on the game.

Slot game cycles

It is natural that every player wants to win. However, it is useful to understand the cycles of slot games. A good place to start is to play your favourite slot game in free mode before you play for money. This way you can gauge the 'mood' of the machine. A winning slot machine 'cycle' is related to the amount of players that are active in real money mode of the slot game in a casino or on an online casino network.

If a slot machine has a very high max win, it means that there are more coins needed to 'top up the prize pool'. Therefore the higher the max win, the longer the games winning cycle will be. A sot game where you can win a million coins will have a much longer cycle than a game where the max pay out is about 50 thousand. The NetEnt game, Starburst is an example of the latter.

Play for free first

All NetEnt's games are accessible in demo / free mode. When you test a slot game in free mode, you first need to have an idea of the value of the bets that you will place if you want to play for real money. The better you understand where in the cycle the slot game is, the better your chances of more payouts. Remember that between 2 and 5% of bets go to the casino, the rest come back to players via payouts.

Other terms you will learn when playing for free are 'paylines' which is the way to see if you have won on a lost game. The same symbols need to land on the paylines in specific pattern. 'Betways' are determined from left to right and is the landing three or more icons on each column. 'Clusterpays' happen when a certain amount of symbols land on a group of reels. The required combinations of these can be learned from the game's paytable.

And in conclusion

Online casinos have no say in the outcome or working of the slot games provided by NetEnt. The games are not even hosted with the casino. You need to understand that the casino is a business and the business also needs to make money to pay for the prize entertainment that you are experiencing. When you play games in demo mode you can learn the payment 'cycle' of each game as well as the various terms used when the game calculates the payouts